President Sandra announces goals for 2017-18 La Grande Rotary:

• Receive a Presidential Citation award

• Encourage succession planning and sharing club responsibilities

Membership Objectives:

• Net gain of 5, 2 of which are 40 years or younger, 2 women if possible

  • Retain members
  • Fun Fun Fun meetings
  • Firesides x 4
  • Spruce up new member induction and orientation
  • Focus on Red Badge
  • Rework Rotary Member Application to include references and include reference checks in approval process

Communications Objectives

• More of what we do already to promote and publicize our good works

  • Keep website current
  • Calendar all known events for the year to increase participation
  • Use monthly Rotary themes and align weekly speakers to themes
  • Increase quantity of presentations from Youth Exchange students, DFY, RYLA
  • Support vocational service by adding vocation days 4th week of each month
  • Use new logos in all publications
  • Coordinate a reporter for the Daddy Daughter Dance

Foundation Objectives

  • Increase foundation giving so that every member donates at least $25 this year
  • Introduce new ways to make giving easy; piggy pennies, in kind donation tubs
  • Use club points for Paul Harris Fellowships

Youth Objectives

  • Set a foundation in place to initiate a Rotaract Club in 2018 or 2019
  • More Youth participation in weekly meetings
  • Rejuvenate DFY

Service Projects Objectives

  • Bring vocational service back
  • Implement a new environmental project
  • Partner with another club on one of our projects
  • New Daddy Daughter chairman
    • Grow the Daddy Daughter revenues

Administrative:  Objectives

  • Strategic Plan review and celebration or update
  • Bylaw changes re: attendance
  • More Rotarians on the ballot and perform elections early
  • Keep roster updated
  • President e-communication with members
  • Take action lapse dues