Tim Camp, Head Football Coach at EOU, gave an enthusiastic report to Rotary April 3, 2018.  The assembled club members heard about the incredible success of track and field, football and women’s basketball at national tournaments and the overall success of athletic teams in all areas, Tim credited the leadership, Anji Weissenfluh, with the success of the program.  Most impressive was Tim’s report of the academic success of the participating athletes and their participation in the community.  Student athletes at EOU have higher overall GPAs than the general student population. Women’s basketball had cumulative GPS’s above 3.0.  Not only do student athletes do well in their sport and maintain academic proficiency, they also serve in the community. Tim boasted that his students will aim at giving 1000 hours back to the community this term.  Students help move people in the community, serve to help where needed, and will do anything to be a part of La Grande and Union County.