Enchilada Feed Success!

James mans the chip bowl
Last night’s Enchilada Dinner was a tremendous success!  We had a packed house…families and friends, colleagues and councilmen, the mayor and members of Sunrise Rotary, college students, Exchange students and the Middle School D-FY kids.
Whether you wrapped silverware, rolled enchiladas, brewed tea, sold raffle tickets, baked desserts, scrubbed pans or sported sombreros and mustaches, it was stand-up job!  The dozen or so Middle-School DFY kids did an excellent job of serving and busing tables.  And how sharp you all looked in your Rotary polo shirts!  Thank you to all of you who worked so hard last night, and over the past several weeks, to make last night entertaining, worthwhile and indeed a service to our community in more ways than one.  Attendees raved about the enchiladas and expressed how much they enjoyed the evening.
A special thanks goes out to Glenas and Mike Orcutt who spearheaded the event and proved to be an invaluable team!
–Beth Stewart