Drug Free Youth Program
La Grande Middle School
April/May Update
The May DFY Event was Pizza, Pop and Prizes Movie Event! Students watched a movie called “Which Brain do you Want?” They learned about how the brain works, what happens when the brain ‘misfires’, the physical impact of drugs and alcohol on brain function, and ways to improve their brain.  The video focused on the work of psychiatrist Daniel Amen who has been studying the brain for more than 15 years. He’s performed over 25,000 brain scans, and learned about the damage that alcohol and drug abuse has on the developing adolescent brain.  About 25 students were in attendance.
In April, 7th and 8th grader DFY members went to the Maridell Center for an afternoon of skating fun. The students had a blast! Mr. Wagner & I spoke to the students about the importance of having friends that hold the same value of being drug free!