Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

La Grande Rotary Club developed a strategic plan after months of task force work on priorities for the next five years (2014-2019).


Barbara Hicks and Heidi Bigler Cole participate in setting priorities for the club.


Listed below are the five big areas of growth and development for the future.

• Youth Service, a primary focus

Five-Year Aims:

• Strengthen youth exchange through family recruitment processes

• Enhance existing scholarship programs

• Continue support for Dictionary Project, RYLA, DEFY, Backpack, Special Olympics

• Service Projects, a commitment to the community and beyond

Five-Year Aims:

• An emphasis on service in the community: Short term, high impact/visibility, low cost projects aimed at providing meaningful work for the club, fellowship opportunity, and visible/attractive service to the community and potential new members.

• A willingness to examine the needs of the community and periodically select significant construction projects that are within the club’s mission and scope of work and potential resources.

• International Project, a commitment to positively impact people in need beyond our national borders

Five-Year Aims:

• 2013-15 Support for partner clubs engaged in developed project

• 2015-17 Development of La Grande Rotary International project

• Membership, a commitment to have a diverse, active membership dedicated to service in the community and beyond with sufficient numbers to enable the goals of the club.

Five-Year Aims:

• Build Membership from the current level of 45 to 75 over 5 years.

• Develop new member mentoring programs to ensure connections and to enhance retention.

• Encourage members through effective personal communication

• Club Organization, a commitment to work effectively as individuals, committee members, board members and leaders to serve the needs of the Club and Rotary International and to build awareness in the community of the accomplishments of the Club

Five-Year Aims

• Sponsor political or high profile speakers to attract guests at Club meetings or special events

• Publicize events, projects through media and apparel

• Develop job description and training for committee chairs and training

• Support the club president, being aware of strengths & weaknesses, develop culture of being able to ask for help

• Use existing surveys to identify key needs in the community

• Develop a planning calendar to provide club with series of small service projects and one larger project per year

• Fund raise for specific projects by selecting the most efficacious events (fun run, mystery dinner, auction, circus, sales, eg.)

• Develop club calendar of events/activities

• Use periodic noon meetings for club business

• Use technology (email, web, social media) more effectively

• The Rotary Foundation, a commitment that members will have a keen understanding of the role of the Rotary Foundation and will contribute toward its aims.

Five-Year Aims

• All Rotarians will have an “elevator” speech about the significance of the Foundation.

• All Rotarians will contribute some amount to the Foundation every year.

• 75% of club will be sustaining members
• Paul Harris fellows will increase by 10% each year for 5 years