Liberty Theatre Clean-up Day

Beth and Joel


Joel Myer urges Beth Stewart to just pick up the barrow and toss in the waste!

Saturday, March 7th, 2015, Rotarians and community members gathered early to dispatch the waste from deconstruction of the false ceiling at the Liberty Theatre. Insulation, plaster, broken lath, and all sorts of bits and piece of the former construction was moved to reveal the splendor of the original theatre.  When you walk into the door of the building you can now see the stage area, the organ loft, and ceiling where the chandelier hangs.

Thanks to Rotarians, Joel Myer, Beth Stewart, Eric Valentine, and trash boss, Michael Jaeger for their contribution to the project and to all the Rotarians who have helped in previous efforts.  The Liberty Theatre project is truly a community effort and when complete, it will serve as La Grande’s living room!
work crew

Saturday, March 7, Work Crew