Travels with Maynard and Friends

In the Eagle caps:

Maynard in Eaglecaps

In Australia with Eric Valentine

In Australia

australia 2

Rock climbing with Boy Scouts and Eric Valentine

boy scouts 2boy scouts


At Hoffer Lake with Boy Scouts and Eric Valentine

With Eric at Hoffer Lake


In Yosemite with Eric Valentine


maynard yosemite




At Lopez Island with Eric Valentine and Dr. Joe:





camping w:Kenny

Maynard’s friend Kenny camping with scouts.


El Pato

Maynard retracing the voyage of Columbus saying goodbye to the Spanish coast.

First class


Maynard traveling First class on train in Portugal.

Maynard in Desert

Maynard in the southwester desert of the United Stated. Spotted in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming.

Miguel in Punta Rita

Maynard in Mexico.

In Hawaii


Maynard on Maui

Maynard the Hobbit

Maynard in the Shire.

On plane to New Zealand

Maynard on plane to New Zealand

on rocks at beach

Maynard falls to rocks at Lincoln City. He survived.





matynard and kenny

Maynard meets Kenny, exchange bird, in New Zealand.

Mayard preparing to cheer the Seahawks to victory!


Maynard at Seahawk Stadium