Club Honors
Giblet, the Rotary-Turkey gets a warning from Sheriff Boyd, fellow Rotarian.
Rotarians tailgate at EOU football game.  Glenn and Heather Null cook hamburgers for the group October 28 at Community Stadium. 


We welcome new members…
kelly ducote
New member, Kelly Ducote, receives her club badge and welcome packet from Rotarian Dale Mammen.
We lead….
Grace SchindemenRotarian Grace Swindemen leads cub scouts in Veterans Day parade.
We serve…
Grand Leaders
Beth Stewart and Sandra Ghormley show off their costumes in preparation for An Enchanted Evening–a night to honor dads and daughters.
We serve…
Jim McMan serves a free McDonald’s breakfast to seniors early Thanksgiving morning.
We Recognize special talents…
Dave Koza presents a temporary “Broken Hammer” award to Craig Nightingale for his  larger than life rendition of Wreck-it-Ralph work at the Liberty Theatre project.
Evidently, we dance!
We dance
 Welcomers go over the top to invite Rotarians and guests to lunch.
We encourage youth!
Glenn proudly listens to daughter Tegan at the piano welcoming the club with the national anthem.
We welcome new members…
Jeff Crews welcomes Bob Kavanaugh to the club
 Graham welcomes Grace Schwindiman as a new club member.
Barbara and Graham welcome new member Kelsie McDaniel.
We do business…
Eric (pictured center) –a true blue Rotarian.  Note the customized Rotary shirt, the welcome stance, the palm out, the money collected!This isn’t just fellowship, this is business!
We fish…
glenn and fish
Glenn Null brags on the 30 pound salmon he caught on the coast.
We welcome new members…
Jeff and Kirby
 Jeff welcomes newest red badge member to club, Kirby Garrett to the lunch meeting.  Kirby’s email is Kirby.Garrett@mail.house.gov
We are sometimes silly…
middle school
At our recent visit to the middle school to get an update on the Drug Free Youth program, some of our Rotarians reverted to middle school behavior and silliness. 
We sing!
new member
Each meeting starts with a patriotic song accompanied by our pianist, Graham Hicks. Some of us have great voices like Michelle: She can sing!
We can act… 
Jim and Joe, it must be getting late!
Amazing what Polo shirts do to a Rotarian! 
 We can celebrate…
Doyle Slater
Celebrating his Semisesquicentennial on March 4, 2014, Doyle enjoyed three rousing “Happy Birthday” songs on three separate occasions  from his family, friends and fellows.
We can enjoy one another…
birthday at Rotary
Recent birthdays were celebrated by the club honoring Eric and Michael with the rare and exotic Twinkie.  Although these cake filled delights are reported to have a shelf life of anywhere from 7-40 years, the manufacture suggests that the proper time is 25 days. Let’s hope Eric and Michael can outlast the longevity of the Twinkie.