Service Projects Committee


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service projects


The Purpose of the Committee

The primary purpose of the Committee is to promote the five-year goals of the club, specifically:

• Service Projects, a commitment to the community and beyond

Five-Year Aims:

• An emphasis on service in the community: Short term, high impact/visibility, low cost service projects aimed at providing meaningful work for the club, fellowship opportunity, and visible/attractive service to the community and potential new members.

• A willingness to examine the needs of the community and periodically select significant construction projects that are within the club’s mission and scope of work and potential resources.

• International Project, a commitment to positively impact people in need beyond our national borders

Five-Year Aims:

• 2013-15 Support for partner clubs engaged in developed project

• 2015-17 Development of La Grande Rotary International project



General Principles and Responsibilities of the Committee

• The committee will meet as directed by the President and Board of the club on a periodic basis at assigned noon meeting slots. In this way the burden on additional external meetings will be reduced. The committee may need to meet outside of the quarterly meetings so that tasks are getting completed.  The quarterly meetings are for ‘checking in’ with the bigger group. The super committee chair should check-in with each subcommittee and develop a schedule of club reminders–monthly 5 minute status report of activities.

• Using a community needs assessment, the committee shall collect different ideas of service projects ranging from short term to longer term tasks. These may range from no or low cost works or larger projects requiring capital investment such as the Rotary Pavilion. The aim of this is to keep a service project in front of Rotarians on a consistent basis.

For example, a calendar of activities or theme each month where there is either a service project or fund raiser. Some of these are coordinated with the DEEDS committee:

January: Non-Profit help day (painting, clean up etc)

February: Exchange Weekend (supervising, cooking, serving)

March: Enchilada Feed (preparing, cooking, serving)



June: Garage Sale (moving, storing, selling)

July: Community Clean up (cleaning, moving, dumping)

August: Olympian picnic (cooking, serving)

September: Dictionaries (pasting, toting, giving, presenting)


November: Thanksgiving Service (greeting, serving)

December: Bell ringing and Food gathering (collecting)


• The committee will discuss what structure is needed to follow international partnerships and how future La Grande international projects may occur.

Initial Tasks (January 28)

• The chair/team leader will carefully outline the purpose and goals of the committee. Recommendations for the scope and charge of the committee should be discussed.

• Review the need for “service” for Rotarians. While some of the club is active, a proportion of members do not get their hands dirty with any event. Further, some of our purpose, DFY, Exchange, Scholarships do not require a great deal of our effort. Usually one person does this work. Rotarians need little causes where they can do something physical to be involved on an ongoing basis. We need to get Rotarians moving!

• The outcome of the meeting

-Suggestions for smaller activities that Rotary could do to feel as though we are all serving.

-A fleshed-out calendar of monthly themes

-The division of labor and naming of the chair