Rotary Associate Proposal


Rotary Club Associate Program Proposal

La Grande, Oregon


The primary role of Rotary Club Associates is to provide an opportunity that connects community-minded people, especially young professionals, to La Grande Rotary Club. It is intended to provide an avenue for potential members to “test drive” Rotary without long-term commitment. For La Grande Rotary, the benefit is an ability to recruit interested, energetic, community members to the Club and to the greater good of Rotary projects. For the Associate, it provides a way to develop a relationship with a service club and to give back to the community while learning about Rotary and its mission.


An Associate would be invited to participate in the activities of the Rotary Club of La Grande as follows:

• Noon meetings

• Committee meetings

• Social and official functions of the Club.

• Service Projects

• Fund raising activities


Proposed Guidelines

• Individuals are eligible to become Rotary Club Associates if they have never previously been a member of any Rotary or Rotaract club. The program is ideally designed for young professionals, but can be applied to any interested potential member.

Associates are nominated by Club members. The nominator, or hereafter named a sponsor, must indicate the rationale for recommending the Associate. The candidate must complete an application form that is accepted by the Board for consideration.

• The Associate Sponsor would be the link between the Associate and the Club on an ongoing basis. The member would ensure the Associate receives details of all Club activities and is encouraged to have involvement in those activities,

• An Associate will be formally welcomed at a meeting of the Club and presented with a badge entitled “Rotary Club Associate of La Grande, OR.”

• The initial period of the Associate’s participation will be one year. At the end of one year the nominator or Board designee will work with the Associate to determine if transition to full membership is appropriate. If not, the Associate may be continued for an additional year or ended as deemed appropriate by the Board of the Rotary Club of La Grande, OR.

• An Associate is not a member of the Rotary Club of La Grande, OR, and is therefore not entitled to the rights nor subject to the responsibilities of membership provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws. An Associate shall have no vote on any decisions made by the Club or Club’s committee, nor be eligible to serve on the Board.

• The Associate will require a fee payment of $100 per annum. Meals and costs of other social activities to be paid for at the same rate as members.

• If at any time an Associate expresses a wish to become a full member of the Club, the usual procedures shall apply as for new members with exception that the $100 fee may be applied to the initiation fee and regular Club dues. An Associate may terminate their participation with the Club at any time.



Rotary Club of La Grande, OR

Associate of Rotary Application


The Associate of Rotary is an introductory program allowing those who share the ideals and objectives of the Rotary Club of La Grande, OR to participate in the activities of the Club without the responsibility of a full membership. Designed to ultimately encourage full membership, the Program allows a community member to enjoy fellowship and to participate in outreach activities without the requirement of monthly dues and commitment to the Club on a consistent basis.


Benefits of being an Associate

• Allows participation in Rotary service projects that help the community.

• Provides a way to become involved in Rotary’s effort to provide for our community by giving opportunities to contribute to community agencies, educational scholarships, and international projects.

• Gives a community member a close look at the operation and service of the Club as a way to fully understand the scope of membership and membership responsibilities.

• Encourages the Associate to join as a full member after one or two years of participation.


Requirements of an Associate

• Is encouraged to attend at least one lunch or committee meeting per month.

• Is encouraged to participate in local fundraisers and events.

• Is required to remit a $100 annually fee.  This fee may be paid by the quarter.


Limitations of an Associate

• Associates are not members of Rotary International and do not vote, attend district conferences, serve as board members or serve as elected officials.


If this description fits your needs and interests, please complete the following application and give it to a current member of La Grande Rotary Club.









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What interests you about becoming an Associate member of La Grande Rotary?




Please provide a brief biography of yourself that you wouldn’t mind being shared with others in the club.