Foundation Committee


Paul Harris Fellows, Every Rotarian Every Year, Liaison with Rotary 501c3 Foundation, Sustaining Membership, Data Tracking and Reporting

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The Purpose of the Committee

The primary purpose of the Committee is to promote the five-year goals of the club, specifically:

• The Rotary Foundation, a commitment that members will have a keen understanding of the role of the Rotary Foundation and will contribute toward its aims.

Five-Year Aims

• All Rotarians will have an “elevator” speech about the significance of the Foundation.

• All Rotarians will contribute some amount to the Foundation every year.

• 75% of club will be sustaining members
• Paul Harris fellows will increase by 10% each year for 5 years


The Foundation is at the core of Rotary’s purpose internationally. The eradication of polio and the hundreds of health and education projects around the world are testament to the passion Rotarians have to change the world. The foundation is the primary vehicle to make this happen. Rotarians at the local level must be persistently made aware of these efforts.


Because the Foundation is a key to understanding how La Grande Rotary may be involved in an International Project, the committee will coordinate efforts with the Service Projects Committee to direct a sub committee to conduct a project outside the US borders.


General Principles and Responsibilities of the Committee

• The committee will meet as directed by the President and Board of the club on a periodic basis at assigned noon meeting slots. In this way the burden on additional external meetings will be reduced. The committee may need to meet outside of the quarterly meetings so that tasks are getting completed.

Initial Tasks (January 28)

• The chair/team leader will carefully outline the purpose and goals of the committee and make recommended changes to the scope and charge of the committee.

• The chair should review the connection between the La Grande Rotary Foundation committee and the Foundation 501c3.

• The committee should discuss ways of communicating to the larger club the importance of the Foundation and the linkage to becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.  The timing of Foundation presentations at the noon meeting should be decided.

• The committee should discuss how to use leverage points to encourage newer members to become Paul Harris Fellows, how to encourage $100 every year to the Foundation, and how to help local Rotarians keep track of donations.

The outcome of the meeting should be:

-a specific set of dates for a Foundation presentation to the club

-a strategy for communicating the importance of the Foundation to the club

-a strategy for encouraging “every Rotarian, every year” and Paul Harris Fellows.