Survey Results

La Grande Rotary Survey Results
• 89% use email everyday

• 66% use Facebook, although the majority of users, it was for family and friends only

• Most Rotarians (80-86%) were fine with names on website, occupations, and business numbers and pictures. A few want releases for photos

• Almost all appreciate email for notifications

• Almost all appreciate the website for information and community pr

• Only about 40% thought Facebook was a good avenue for publication

•Priorities for electronic communication were

Email #1 by a large margin

Website #2

Telephone #3

Facebook #4


•Eight people said they liked at least a few print bulletins


• Only three people suggested using texting and 1 said Twitter


• In the comments, permission was suggested by a few people for their picture on the web.



1.       Facebook:  Link to newspaper.  Have Newspaper like us.

2.       “QR” code on print media (Andi’s comment:  I don’t’ use this.  Not sure how useful it is vs effort of including it on all docs)

3.       Link on website for how to make up a missed meeting online.

4.       Committee pages at the front of the website – link on front page to each committee page.

5.       Search feature:  For events, etc.

6.       Google Calendar:  Somehow have our events on a Google calendar then members can have reminders set the them (note:  Andi is clueless about how to set this up!)

7.       Links to other local services clubs (note:  when Andi was trying to get in touch with Soroptimist, and the Optimists and the morning Rotary club their websites were not up to date. Not sure what the benefit of this would be). Perhaps a link to the Chamber instead, since it is business oriented.

8.       Make a note about our meeting location that the NE Oregon Transit Building is behind the Social Security Office, on Cove Avenue, in La Grande.  Apparently there are two Penn streets in La Grande or a Penn Ave.  Confusing to folks trying to find us.

9.       Not allowed to publish host families names phone numbers etc. of Exchange Students.  (Note:  Andi removed from bulletin.)


So, as we forge a general communication plan, I would suggest the following:

1. Email becomes our primary method of alerting/reminding the club about meetings, events, and website locations

2. The Website gives Rotarians details about club events and projects and provides the community with insight about the club and its mission.

3. Facebook should be used to “Like” the Rotary site and reference the website. We will need someone to do this. I don’t know that too much labor to post a great deal on the Facebook site will be very effective, but a constant comment might be good to have it show up on folks pages.

4. We should develop a simple release for Rotarians to sign-off permission for photos. I don’t think we need to publish phone numbers. Rotarians can go in the International or 5100 site to find this information. New Rotarians should sign a release on membership application.

5. For now, we should print probably10 bulletins and distribute one per table. There are still a few folks who like to see print.


6. For now, Twitter and Tumbler and Texting is probably more than we can handle.