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Committee Purpose

The primary purpose of the Committee is to promote the five-year goals of the club, specifically within the Club Organizational five-year aims:

• Club Organization, a commitment to work effectively as individuals, committee members, board members and leaders to serve the needs of the Club and Rotary International and to build awareness in the community of the accomplishments of the Club

Five-Year Aims

• Sponsor political or high profile speakers to attract guests at Club meetings or special events

• Publicize events, projects through media and apparel

• Use existing surveys to identify key needs in the community

• Develop a planning calendar to provide club with series of small service projects and one larger project per year

• Develop club calendar of events/activities

• Use technology (email, web, social media) more effectively


Communication is critical to the survival of La Grande Rotary.  We must communicate with one another about purpose, activities, needs and accomplishments to engender a sense of worth to members about their needed participation and their feeling of worth in recognizing the accomplishments of the club. We must communicate to the broader community our work and accomplishments to better recruit new members, to develop a sense of place in the community, and to garner attention and resources from the community to accomplish tasks. We must communicate to the broader region, district and Rotary International our work and place within the greater organization as a matter of responsibility.

General Principles and Responsibilities of the Committee

• The super committee will meet as directed by the President and Board of the club on a periodic basis at assigned noon meeting slots. In this way the burden on additional external meetings will be minimal. The committee may need to meet outside of the quarterly meetings so that tasks are getting completed.  The quarterly meetings are for ‘checking in’ with the bigger group. The super committee chair should check-in with each subcommittee and develop a schedule of club reminders–monthly 5 minute status report of activities.

• The super committee will develop a yearly calendar of events and communicate that calendar with each function of the club for review.

• The super committee will be asked to look at the yearly budget for communications and given responsibility to recommend any changes in allocations to any of the areas. This is especially important where budgetary reductions may be implemented.

• The super committee will recommend to the President and Board of the Club when formal and informal presentations about each activity should be promoted to the club.

• The super committee should recommend how the club should promote and advertise the accomplishments of each service project through web, print, radio, etc and proceed to implement these ideas.

• The super committee will develop a schedule for “3 minutes for Rotary—weekly reports on club activities or information about the club”

Initial Tasks (January 28)

• The chair/team leader will carefully outline the purpose and goals of the super committee emphasizing that 1) The purpose is to provide collegial support to each sub committee and an avenue for communication and promotion of the work, and 2) that the super committee is not responsible for the completion of the tasks within each sub committee—the club and club friends are the workers for these tasks.

• Review survey data. See data here

• Develop an overall communication plan.  What do we communicate, how and to whom.

• Policies for web publication and photo release.

• Division of Labor, naming a chair